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About Me

Hi, I my name is Jonna Williamson and I am a registered massage therapist and aspiring fascia master.I graduated from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in 2005, and have had the opportunity to work in a variety of different settings and now I have started my own practice, Fort Saskatchewan Massage, from my home studio.  My primary focus with massage is to; reduce pain and increase flexibility and ease of movement for my clients. 

I am registered and insured with the MTAA, the Massage Therapy Association of Alberta.

To me the body is a work of art and I am fascinated with how it all works.  Most recently I have been learning and loving the fascia.  The fascia is what wraps and holds everyone of our organs and muscles, it is a system which is newly discovered and one that we are just starting to understand.  This interest was sparked by being introduced to Block Therapy and its founder Deanna Hanson.

Block therapy is all about melting the fascia and allowing the connective tissue to move freely in our body.  This is achieved through proper diaphragmatic breathing, improving posture and the Block Buddy, a tool used to apply direct pressure and create heat along with gravity and body weight to melt adhesions, and scar tissue.

I have had a number of accidents and soft tissue damage which has left me suffering from headaches and migraines.  Massage therapy has been a life line allowing me to still function as a wife, Mom, and massage therapist.  Finding block therapy has allowed me to more deeply treat myself and made real progress in reducing the number of migraines I have a month.  I have also been struggling with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs to the point that I was just about not able to walk.  Traditional treatment were not giving me real sustainable relief, but with working with Block Therapy treating my legs, hips and feet I am on my way to being pain free. I am so happy with the results and healing that has taken place.  This is way I am so excited about sharing these techniques because they have worked for me!

I welcome the opportunity to become a part of your health and wellness.

Massage -

Every massage I give is different!

Your Massage is based on your expectations and our consultation. 

 I am here to listen to you.

You are not a cookie cutter person 


you don't deserve a cookie cutter massage.

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Wha​t my clients are saying

I had a wonderful 90 minute massage today.  Jonna did an amazing job.  She worked all the really sore spots and now I'm feeling great! Can't wait to go back again!

- Valerie Dawn

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